It all started out with the idea to create a ski movie. This sadly didn’t happen due to too much work in the field and no real time for filming in the snow, lack of motivation, natural aspects and the overall circumstances in all of our lives. This is a no budget production.

Then we heard about this competition for the local “Bergfilmfestival” in Salzburg, AUT. Stating that the movie placing 1st will be shown at the festival. We did a quick brainstorming and started to work on some ideas. The short film you’re about to see is what we came up with. We roughly had 6 weeks of filming and spent 4 of those 6 weeks in Norway on a rock climbing trip. The whole team hopes you good folk out there enjoy what we ended up with!

Shot on:
Sony FS700
XEEN 50mm
Canon EF 17-35mm f2.8
Canon EF 70-200 f2.8
Odyssey 7Q+
DJI Mavic Pro (which sadly got dumped in a small river right at the beginning of our trip to Norway)
Canon EOS 7D Mark 1 for the stills

Camera // Tobi Kober, Flo Schweighofer
Climbers // Chris Schwarcz, Theresa Kober, Felix Wachholz, Stefanie Knoll, Flo Schweighofer
Clickbait Dog // Grizzly the Siberian Husky (and fluffball)

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